Yakima Skybox Carbonite Cargo Box

Made of 80% recycled ABC plastic Yakima Skybox Carbonite Cargo Box is protected from the environment. This implies that it’s the best rooftop cargo box. Apart from this it’s very spacious and uniquely designed to perfectly fit into your car. Therefore if you are looking for a cargo box for sale you should consider it Below are some of the features which make Yakima Skybox Carbonite Cargo Box be the best cargo box.


Yakima Skybox Carbonite Cargo Box

It has super latch security. This ensures that the rid is securely attached to the base hence making sure your cargo is safe. This is due to the fact that it can’t be easily lost. It’s also fitted with mounting hardware’s which also ensures that it’s safely fitted to your car. Also enhancing the security of Yakima Skybox Carbonite Cargo Box are SKS lock cores which are fitted on its either side to ensure your gears are securely locked into the cargo box.


Yakima Skybox Carbonite Cargo Box

It has an aerodynamic design which hence it doesn’t affect the speed of your car thus it enhances the efficiency of the fuel. Apart from being durable due to its internal stiffeners, its finishing supplements your car as stated earlier this cargo box is made of 80% ABC plastic hence it’s strong, light and yet spacious enough to accommodate lots of your gears.

Dual side opening

Yakima Skybox Carbonite Cargo Box

This means it can be opened from either side. Therefore it’s easy to load or offload your gears. Unlike other cargo boxes, you can access your gears from either the passages or the drivers’ side. The carbonite textured lid with stiffeners either side, make it easy to open and close your cargo box also have SKS lock cores. These locks ensure that your gear is safely locked into the box.

Pros of the productsYakima Skybox Carbonite Cargo Box

• It can be open from either side hence it’s easy to load or offload your cargo.
• Its unique design allows it to be properly installed into your car and saves you fuel since it reduces drag.
• It’s available in various sizes.
• It’s affordable.

Customer reviews and scoresYakima Skybox Carbonite Cargo Box

There are about 375 cargo box reviews in amazon.com.79% of this reviews have rated the product 5, 11% have rated it 4 while 10% have rated the product below 3.This implies that most of the customers are satisfied with this product. Some of the features that customers were happy about were the size of the cargo box, its easiness to install and fit it on your car. The dual side opening lid stiffeners is another feature that the customers were happy with This because they allowed easy access to the cargo i.e. from either the drivers or passages. Finally its design due to the fact that it doesn’t affect a cars speed and its lightweight since it’s made of 80% ABC recycled plastic.

Cons of the products

Like any other products, this product has some challenges. One of the main complaints about this product is the mounting system, but on the brighter side, it comes with Yakima round or square crossbar which enhances its stability when properly installed. The lid has also posed a challenge because sometimes they get lose and hence the reinforcement with stiffeners. Despite these challenges, it’s important to note that it’s the best rooftop cargo box.


Yakima Skybox Carbonite Cargo BoxAlthough Yakima Skybox Carbonite Cargo Box has some challenges it’s currently the best rooftop cargo box. This is due to the fact that it can be easily installed, has a unique aerodynamic design, dual opening carbonite textured lid stiffeners which are fitted with SKS lock core. This feature enhances the security of your gears and allows easy access.

Thule Force Cargo Box, Black


Anytime you are organizing for your journey, it may be very tiresome if you have so many passengers especially when they have luggage. However, you can still choose to improve your car and make things work out easily by buying Thule Force Cargo Box, Black.This cargo box will save you out of your miseries that you normally face during your journey. What makes it different from other rooftop cargo box in the market?


Thule Force Cargo Box, Black


Thule Force Cargo Box, Black

If you are a frequent traveler, then you must have known how dangerous it can be when you are not fully prepared during the journey. The common challenge is the harsh weather condition. This is why it’s a good idea to look for a rooftop cargo box like this which I designed with a diamond-textured AeroSkin casing. This casing is strong and durable. It protects your luggage from UV and rain. It’s aerodynamic designed ensures that you move easily without having to experience air drug or noise.

Dual-Side Opening

Thule Force Cargo Box, Black

You may actually have less time to waste while loading or offloading your items. The best rooftop cargo box should take into consideration this factor and venture into a way to save your time. Thule Force Cargo Box, Black has all that you want. It has dual-side opening to allow you access the items in your cargo box from both drivers and passenger’s side. This allows you to limit the time you take while loading or offloading your items. It also allows you to organize your best cargo box and utilize all the available space.

Quick-Grip Mounting

Thule Force Cargo Box, Black

System With the use of this cargo box, be sure that it will fit perfectly in any car you want to use it on This is because of its mounting system that is compatible with most of the racks. Because this cargo box is not that heavy, you will not actually take time to mount it This is because it does not require any tool while mounting it If you are to travel without the cargo box, then take less time to update uninstall it Always ensure that you follow the instructions so that you may not destroy your best cargo box.


Thule Force Cargo Box, Black
This best cargo box has an oversize SecureLock that allow open and close your cargo box whenever you wish. With this size of the lock, you can simply lock it even if you are wearing gloves on your hand. Use this feature to ensure that your items are safe on your cargo box before you begin driving.


Thule Force Cargo Box, Black
  • Strong and durable.
  • Keeps your luggage safe.
  • It’s spacious enough for your luggage.
  • Reduce air drag and noise.
  • Takes a short time to mount and unmount.
  • Compatible with all kinds of cars.

Customer reviews and scores

Thule Force Cargo Box, Black

According to Amazon customer reviews, this cargo box has an average rating of 4.2 stars out of 5 stars. This is after 410 customer reviews. This shows that it’s the first choices for those who love the best rooftop cargo box.


It’s costly compared to other cargo boxes in the market. This is because it’s made with strong materials and very effective when it comes to housing your luggage. Another weakness of this cargo box is that when the mounting process is not done correctly, it may fall on the way. Always ensure it’s perfectly locked and tighter with their rails.


This cargo box reviews are meant to help you know the best features that you would expect from nay rooftop cargo box. The truth is that most of the cons and the features of Thule Force Cargo Box, Black are worth going for. So do not regret your choices. Thule Company also offers a lifetime warranty for those who may feel like their cargo box has a mechanical or physical problem. If you are looking for a cargo box for sale, then you can use link to find the best rooftop cargo box.